What is Paralands?

Paralands is a social network and an on-line MMORPG game of life and economics simulation on a real world map. All trades in Paralands economics are between real people.

The Paralands world is a free environment for communication and development of virtual businesses with a virtual and possible real profit.

What does it cost to play in Paralands?

Paralands is a free game with no time and functionality limits.

But there are paid products and services that are used by those who want to play actively, trade with virtual and real goods and have a profit in a virtual economy.

Who are tutors and what they do?

Tutors are trusted and experienced citizens of Paralands who are interested to help others to get started in Paralands world. Tutors are paid by Paralands government for their work and their profit depends on your activity.

A tutor can find you and accept you as a tutee themselves. So do not get surprised when a new tutor sends you a message when you even did not start looking for tutorship. Of course you can deny the tutor any time and choose another one in the list of free tutors. You can also disable tutorship in your settings so you are hidden in the list of those who are looking for tutors.

Some experienced tutors can give you objects or resources you may need to learn faster. But it is their decision to offer it to you or not. It depends on your activity.

Please remember that a tutor is connected to you for 30 days. After that you can still ask for help for your tutor but just do not forget to extend tuition time to let your tutor be paid for helping you.

You can become a tutor later when you get experienced and if you are interesting in tutorship. You will learn how to do it from your tutor.

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